turquoise designer cabdesigner cabs for salerare gem stone cab designs
We Create Unique Stones That Are Unusual in Shape,
Original One-Of-A-Kind Designs, With No Two Stones Exactly Alike

Textures within a stone, that only Mother Nature can create, making for rare custom hand cut collector stones, that are rarely seen in the gem stone market today.

For the true artist and craftsperson who want uniqueness and quality, not basic designs like cabochons manufactured in mass quantity.

exclusive designer cabochonsConstantly sourcing for new rare and unique materials from around the world to create new designer cabochons. Selling our stones to hundreds of satisfied jewelers, gem collectors and hobbyists from all over the world.

We work to keep our stones exciting and as different as possible, never buying material in bulk, but instead we prefer to source out small amounts of rare and unique pieces continually. designer fossil cabochonSome of the material we use is considered "old stock" , no longer mined and is very rare, these stones or specimens usually come from lapidary collector's private collections.









 designer cab gemstone collection

obsidian designer cabMost of our pieces are designed in-house while using Master Cabbers from generations old families in Mexico that have cut and polished stones for generations.

Some of our craftsmen specialize in one of two specific type of stones, while others will produce any type of cabochon, out of any type of rock material. It not only gives us and our customers a greater variety of stones, but allows us to showcase some pieces that never see the light of day, either because they are too difficult to work with or are only found in small quantities from hard to get to or closed down mines.

designer agate cab

Jewelers and wirewrappers who custom design their pieces, more and more get requests for and want custom cut cabs, known as "designer cabs". malichite gemstones

Wirewrappers especially love really unique shapes and can work them into "one of a kind" amazing jewelry pieces. Cutting designer stones is definitely more difficult to cut and polish, alot more hand work is involved.





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